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“We’re obtaining a visiting card created for you sir!” explained someone on my staff, and I shuddered.  It’s grow to be fashionable nowadays to hand out enterprise cards or so it looks to me, as cards, nineteen to the dozen are dished out to me. “Pleased to fulfill you,” I say extending my hand to skinny air. I seem for the human being who just a moment back was generating dialogue, my arm caught in mid-air as if keeping a vase or article of good price. I gradually reduced it, searching spherical to see whether or not individuals all around have observed my ludicrous motion and the moment I have acquired silly fingers firmly back at my facet, glance round angrily for the particular person who experienced fooled me into providing it.

I find him both desperately fishing into pocket, opening wallet and wanting furtively within or strolling more than to his wife and enquiring no matter whether she has any of his small business playing cards remaining.

Then with a flourish he hands it around to me.

I set in my pocket and for a moment I really feel triumphant for Mr. Enterprise Card person experienced basically preferred me to go through it then and there in front of him, but with a vengeance that arrives from him obtaining ignoring my prolonged hand a instant in advance of, I don’t give him that pleasure.

“So, what is your title?” I ask pleasantly.

“It’s on the card!”

“And what do you do?”

“It’s on the card!”

“Ah sure!” I say and wander away from the sullen stranger who I observe is fairly glad I did not offer him my personal in return. I do not simply because I never ever appear to be to have just one helpful and also mainly because the 1 that was printed for me fifteen yrs in the past and which gives outdated data about me, nevertheless hasn’t run out. The cause becoming the printer died after possessing delivered all those cards and his overzealous son who took around the small business imagining his father hadn’t completed my buy printed yet another thousand playing cards for me.

Now what do I do with two thousand cards?

So, I’ll consider the playing cards with me on my last journey home.

“What’s this you have brought with you Bob?”

“My checking out card my Lord,” I will say, “Here have a search at it.”

“No Bob.”

“But it tells anything. See in this article it tells you I wrote every single day. I was a columnist, a humour writer!”

“I know Bob,”

“Without wanting at my viewing card?”

“Your card my son, tells me practically nothing about you,” claims God as he tears up my card, “Your heart does and I’m seeking at it now Bob”!

I shudder all over again and flip to the 1 who’d claimed she was getting a card created for me, “Can I do without the need of a card?” I question, and as she appears at me disapprovingly, I make good my escape..!

Robert Clements is a newspaper columnist and creator.  He weblogs at and can be arrived at at [email protected]

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